30 years ago I drew nude studies in the academy of Düsseldorf, where images were painted from photographs to deconstruct the medium of painting. At that time, I did not paint from photographs, my whole body completely rejected this practice.
My only „painting comrade“ was Stefan H. (the devil knows where he is today), this guy was very intelligent and painting was his religion. We constructed and arranged still-life tableaux before painting, and Richter commented “Okay”, but meant that a photo would work so much better as basis for the painting. Stefan’s love of painting went so far as to paint for news papers in a court of law, where cameras are not allowed to preserve privacy.

Since no one else wanted to draw nude, Stefan and I approached people to model, in restaurants or on the street. They got vouchers that could be exchanged for cash in the office of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. In 2016, 30 years later, I myself posed as a nude model in the Summer Academy of Venice (see Studio, Giudecca).